You may feel a mix of emotions: pride, exhaustion, sadness at leaving your school and your friends, hopefulness, and uncertainty about the future.

Unless you accepted a job offer before you left campus, you might wonder how and when you’re going to land your first “real” job.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t stress about getting the “perfect job” right away

2. There’s nothing wrong with taking a survival job while you look for a “career” job. 

3. When you interview with employers, pay attention to the energy in the room. If you don’t like the energy, don’t take the job.

4. Now is the time to use the network you’ve spent 20+plus years cultivating!

5. There are awesome, smart and compassionate people in the business world and there are plenty of fakes and phonies, too.

6. The job market is much better than it was. 

7. Use LinkedIn as a free branding tool and a way to build your network.

8. Keep in mind that a job search is a long-distance race, not a sprint.

9. People around you — even people who love you — may pressure you to take the first job offer you get. They may pressure you to take a job you don’t want.

10. Finally, remember that you were awesome before you earned your degree and you’re even more amazing now!

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Author: Liz Ryan

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