Although networking is a proven way to go about getting a job, if you’re new to the market and haven’t yet established a decent list of contacts, you may be better off focusing on searching for work online. In fact, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center report, over the past two previous years, 79% of Americans seeking employment used job-hunting sites as part of their search — and that’s twice as much as recruiters or job fairs.

Of course, not all job sites are created equal. Some are far more user-friendly than others, and some give you access to a wider range of opportunities and information. To maximize the time you spend looking for work online, here are a few job-hunting sites you’ll want to check out.


  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • CareerBuilder
  • Snagajob

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Author: Maurie Backman, The Motley Fool

Image Credit: Getty Images

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