The following is a guest post by SAP senior director Joe Pantigoso.

A colleague recently asked me for advice on how to manage her personal brand: What social media to use? What topics to blog about? Whether or not to use a photo on a resume or to give it a distinctive look with a particular color or font?

Before taking any of these actions, I suggested first taking the time to think strategically about her personal brand, using the same principles used for creating and building a product or service brand.

I’ve found that defining the 3 Ps for yourself—a brand promise, purpose and personality—can make choosing personal brand building tactics easier and more effective for reaching your goals.


Like with any brand, a professional in the workforce needs to provide value and relevance to an employer—and, ideally, something distinctive from other candidates vying for the same position and paycheck. This promise has to be backed up with credible reasons to believe, proof points, to support the claim. An applicant for a global brand role, for instance, would want to show tangible experience, results and recognition in successfully managing brands for growth.

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Image via: Brandspeak Joe Pantigoso

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