The New Job Hunters

The way we go about getting jobs has changed. Through technology and the networks that offer more intel on our prospective employers, we are better prepared than ever to find the right career path.

The latest generation of job-seekers is also different, and not only in how it approaches the task of finding work, but in its philosophy and attitude.

To get a better sense of the state of job hunting – and how it will likely evolve – FORBES spoke with Janice Clements-Skelton, chief human resources officer with EBI Consulting and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management’s Special Expertise Panel.

Finding the right occupation is important, she argues, not just for scoring a paycheck in an expensive world, but for career happiness. “You, at 22, are going to work, in all likelihood, for 50 years,” warns Clements-Skelton. “Make sure you love it.”


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Author: Karsten Strauss

Image credit: ShutterStock

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