Looking for a job but haven’t gotten even one interview? Have a flawless work record but nobody is looking at your CV? It’s possible that your online job hunt is going badly because you’ve made one of the common mistakes below. Don’t fret! They all can be fixed.

1. You’re still looking for work on Infojobs and job sites.

2. You haven’t kept your job hunt a secret.

3. You’ve sent out boring and standard CVs.

4. You haven’t researched the company enough

5. You go to the job interview without any prep.

6. You didn’t clean up your social media profiles.

7. And worst of all: you aren’t taking 100% advantage of online resources.


How about asking your Twitter contacts? Or doing a little networking on pages like Meetup? Or improving your skills through online courses? And then there’s pages like, which offers articles to help you find jobs.

You have thousands of online resources awaiting you. And each one has more uses than you think. Go on, use them!

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Author: Nadia Hleb

 Image Credit: Softonic

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