Establishing a personal brand should be as important to you as creating a consumer brand is to a company. For, Genia Stevens examines the significance of personal branding and suggests why you should establish yours.

  • It will show your value. A personal brand can help you advance in your career be­­cause it shows off your value to the company. Estab­­lish­­ing a strong brand will help you answer these questions: Who am I? Why am I an asset? Why am I part of the team?
  • Online behavior influences brand. Your brand message is more than in-person behavior; it also accounts for online behavior. Behaviors in emails, social media, comment threads, etc., will affect how others perceive you.
  • Use a career coach for branding strategy. If you have trouble pinpointing your brand, a career coach may help you identify your goals and create a strategy to achieve them.


Image: via Pixabay

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