Centre Estudi Prat

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97 Roger de Llúria Street, Barcelona 08007, Spain .


Centre Estudi Prat

Centre d’estudis Prat is an integrated school providing different pathways in education for young learners through Baccalaureate, Vocational training and for adults through the national qualification framework to achieve recognition, assessment and quality assurance.

Prat main objective is to train internationally skilled future workers; able to cope with the demands of the global world in all the sectors our institution is involved: administration, commerce transport, marketing and tourism.

We provide students with appropiate and innovative teaching methods and techniques adapted to the competencies required in their fields, promoting mobility in cooperation with partner institutions or enterprises of the UE and non-EU.

We also promote staff mobility to cooperate in projects of innovation that respond to the needs of education in our society with partner institutions or enterprises to increase the quality of teaching, understanding of students’ needs and adapting to the quality assurance and funding mechanisms to reward success in equipping students for the labor market.

We encourage students to progress in their studies and support their learning through clear recognition. Our institution encourages the use of skills and growth projections and tracks students’ employment outcomes.

Currently our institution offers modular learning, continuing education for adult returners and others already in the labor market and will offer in a very near future (projections for a year ahead) another variety of study modes: distance learning.

We highlight the use of ICT, so important for the socioeconomic development of our country, stressing the role of communication, using audio-visual techniques, e-learning and the use of virtual learning platforms to implement more effective learning.

Our institution is committed to support and develop active labour market policies.

We are ready to build learning mobility more systematically into curricula, ensure the efficient recognition of credits gained abroad, assuring quality monitoring of the mobility; to improve access, employment conditions and progression opportunities for students and teachers from other countries.

We have always promoted, from the early stages of education, the development of entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills.

We are committed to create transparent procedures in selection and funding.

We believe in cooperation with other European institutions to improve education methodologies and provide new approaches to identify current employability skills.

These are the strategic aims of our institution, providing quality education, innovation and employability.

Our institution has enjoyed experience in the field of labor and professional training of students for over 90 years.

The staff in our school are really used to training future workers to adapt to the demands and skills required by companies at any time. This has been one of the key objectives of our institution.

We have cooperated with industry to provide the most effective training to promote students employability once they finish their studies.

This continuous cooperation not only with the education of young students but also with adults who need to adapt to the demands of each sector, improving their level of languages and new technologies has made us be very aware of the current changes with reference to seek an employment, with the use of some technological tools that require a change in the training and guidance of students.

Núria Prat: Centre d’Estudis Prat Director since 1997.

Training people from a human and academic perspective is our reason for being.

Business and Accounting degree (University of Barcelona)

Certificate in Management (Pompeu Fabra University)

Graduate in Political Science (Pompeu Fabra University)

Degree in Market Research (Open University of Catalonia UOC).

Master in Education Direction (ESADE Business School)

Advanced English Level

Marta Baró: Degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology from the University of Barcelona, specializing in English Language and Literature.
Master’s Degree in Teacher Training, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

English teacher of secondary and vocational training education for over 30 yearsat Centre d’estudis Prat
Tutor of secondary education and Vocational training
Head of Studies of Vocational Training

Coordinator European programs and Erasmus+ Coordinator

Ferran Farràs:  Teacher in Higher Vocational Studies. Business Administration Degree, Working science degree and tourism degree. Experience in marketing.