106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh

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Hildesheimer Str. 29, 30169 Hannover, Germany


106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh

The „106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh“ was founded in 2009, working in the media and education field for young and adult people. The non-profit company is holding the license of “radio leinehertz 106.5′. The community radio stations target group is the population of Hannover and of the Region of Hannover. The „106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh“ has three aims by law: Supplementary media coverage and reports about the Region of Hannover, to offer open media facilities for the inhabitants of the Region of Hannover and to offer media trainings, courses, seminars, professional-trainings and vocational trainings.

The radio station has 10 permanent employees, around 20 part time journalists and more than 200 volunteers, producing and broadcasting different radio programs. The main topics are politics, society, economy, culture, sports, music and the community. radio leinehertz 106.5 offers also radio and presentation seminars for people, who want to work in the media field and at the radio station. The radio station is experienced in radio production and is broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. „106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh“ offers jobs and internships for young and adult volunteers and students as well as for journalists, media designers etc.

106,5 Rundfunkgesellschaft gGmbh was already non-formal partner in a couple of projects, hosted for example by the NGO ‘Projektwerkstatt Umwelt und Entwicklung‘ in Hannover.

The radio station has a lot of trainees working as Journalists, media-designer, management assistants in office communication, event organization and audiovisual media as well as young adults who are doing a voluntary ecological year. The community radio itself deals with personal branding, because of the big group of vocational-trainees which are very young and at the beginning of their media-career. The radio trainers are supporting the development of the students own soft skills which is fundamental for their professional career.

The Legal Representative and CEO of the radio station, Georg May, was involved in European Union granted projects for about 20 years. He managed already quite a lot of Youth and also lifelong learning projects in the programs Youth in Action, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci.

The Contact Person and project manager, Evangelia Kokinaki, is news editor at radio leinehertz 106.5 at the same time. Evangelia Kokinaki is involved in European Union granted lifelong-learning projects for more than 3 years. She is also experienced in training and teaching in the field of radio-production and journalism.