Postal Address:

Korinthou 337 & Miaouli ( 26222) Patras Greece


LPfA is a newly established entity ( 2014) by young pioneers who believe that there are learning solutions for anybody. LPfA is certified LifeLong Center by the Greek Ministry of Education – in specific by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance. We are providers of short term VET classes & courses targeting to young graduates and not only in order to facilitate their insertion to the job market and workplace practical experience

We are:

  • In active and constant affiliation with
    • a) The experienced in CVET and European Cooperations , member of EAEA ,DAFNI KEK (www.dafnikek.gr)
    • b) CYCLISIS the non formal Education and Culture NGO that deals with open strategies for learning, targeting to disadvantaged, migrants and youth at risk (www.cyclisis.gr).
  • An organisation with actions mostly to be undertaken by young generation bursting from the fields of Computer Enginnerring, Sociology and Pedagogics, and with personal experience through involvement in European projects of CYCLISIS, DAFNI KEK, ERASMUS +, etc, as well as equiped with experts supporting in the background, eager to mentor and productively discuss.


The Implementation of national projects targeting to youth unemployment through training, councelling and work placement (Voucher for Youth 18-29 years old).

With formative approaches and constant evaluation methods, we come to understand that both the paradigm shift to alternative modes of learning – such as individual plans,tailor made, blended learning, open sources etc- and the recognition of the confusion and misinformation around the pluralistic learning spectrum, are to be concidered in not only a strictly learning level, but in a socialy active and transformative way of thinking and self-awareness.

Vassiliki Tsekoura Certified Training Director since 2005 – Studied History at the University of Athens and MSc in Educational Policy and Social Exclusion from the University of Patras.  She has extensive experience in EU and nationally funded education and training programs. She has also worked on projects related to the design and development of lifelong learning. She has developed projects and materials focusing on lifelong learning skills development in formal and informal settings and on professional development for marginalized groups. From 2003-2006, she worked as Consultant for the Regional Entrepreneurial Center (KETA-DE) mainly focusing on learning needs of women start-ups and supporting entrepreneurship among special target groups.  Scientific Coordinator of Local Alliances for Employment and Social Entrepreneurship, named “TOPEKO Achaia Roma” and “Agro Diexodos TOPSA”. Initiator of CYCLISIS , Education, Culture & Environment . Coordinator of project ‘ TOGETHER WITHIN” funded by EEA. Represents DAFNI KEK in OED network. Contract based work relation to DAFNI KEK, CYCLISIS and LPfA .

Represents OED Network  in Greece ( Outreach- Empowerment- Diversity ) coordinated by EAEA . Member of  Capacity Builders  EU network.

Angeliki Giannakopoulou Develops Film  Education strategies. Workshops moderator especially with groups of young people at risk. English and French fluent speaker, ICT engineering  with emphasis on art. Member of Focus-Group ” Hard to reach Learners'( NECE – Federal Agency For Civic Education of Germany) . Provides mentoring within the project PRATOAPOKINOU – www.pratoapokinou.cyclisis.gr- to young unaccompanied migrants and civil refugees in Patras city.  Officially registered as Legal representative of LPfA ( together with Anastasia  Giannakopoulou). Participates as project manager in ARis ( ERASMUS+ KA2 ( AE) on behalf od DAFNI KEK _ 2014 and ERASMUS+ KA2 ( VET) ‘EDGE” _2014. Computer Engineering dealing with Educational Technology and on line inductions.

Evdokia Kosmatou Pedagogics. Administration officer in LPfA . ERASMUS+ student experience. Active as Volunteer in CYCLISIS

Anastasia Giannakopoulou Web developer. Works with  migrants,  dealing with Greek language as second   computer based. English ad French  fluent speaker. Coordinates on behalf od LPFA.EDU the  insertion of  youth in labour  market ( facilitates the transition from training to work environment) . Officially registered as DAFNI KEK employee and LPFA legal representative.

Spyridoula Giaki Social and Political Studies . European Project expertise . In the process of Master Degree focusing to comparative study on social policies in Europe concernignEducationand  Health services.