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Marak Digital

Marak is a digital advertising agency that specializes in online promotion, marketing and emerging technologies.

We develop and implement comprehensive online marketing strategies to help our clients achieve the most direct, engaging, and rewarding connection with their target audience. We are well versed in Digital Strategy, Social Media, Online promotion, E-commerce, Applications and Emerging Technology.

We have broad experience developing online promotional strategies and using emerging technologies:

-The goal of every business is to become the first choice when a user performs a search. We improve search engine ranking by optimizing through a combination of safe, proven on-site optimization and off-site link-building techniques.

– We leverage Paid Search, (Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click Marketing) to obtain immediate results and ensure maximum visibility in search engine results pages.

– We design and implement targeted digital media plans to further increase visibility and results.

– We work with brands to define optimal social media channels, then develop the best ways to engage followers. We also create detailed analytic reports of your social campaign’s performance, and constantly refine tools and strategies to maximize engagement.

– We are a digital marketing agency with innovation in our DNA. We are at the forefront of applying emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearable to the world of marketing and online advertising.

We actively participate into programmes of the European Commission, to answer the regional, National, European policies and strategies in the field of education, culture, innovation, social policies, starting up and realizing projects which contribute to favour employment, professional growth and career, territorial and economic  sustainability, social cohesion.

In particular our projects deal with different sectors and topics, going from the language learning to the empowerment of skills, from the professional qualification of the teachers to the analysis of new learning methodologies, from the integration of the weak target groups to the cultural and tourism promotion of the European regions.

Our experience in European Projects as an online advertising is very diverse, having worked on projects for different clients:

-Cooperation with Erasmus+ related projects: Website Development:

-Online promotional campaigns for several Universities: UDIMA, CEF and Francisco de Vitoria University. Search Engine Marketing Campaign Strategy and Implementation.

-FMCG: Conguitos y Lacasitos (Leading Spanish candy manufacturer, €115m in revenue)  Digital Strategy, website development, social media campaign and online promotion

– Institutions: Spanish Ministry of Health. Online promotion: Search Engine Marketing and Social Media. And National Electoral Council of Ecuador:  Online promotion: To encourage Ecuadorians overseas to vote in National elections. Campaigns launched in USA, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

María García Quintana, Marak’s Director, has over 15 years of experience in Online Marketing, Strategy, Promotion, and website development. She is skilled at managing high-performing multi-disciplinary teams that combine marketing and technical talent. María Garcia Quintana also has also proven her ability to successfully deliver projects that are international in scope.

The Marak Digital Marketing team consists of highly qualified professionals in Digital Marketing: Strategies, Online Promotion, Social Networks, Design and Programming.